Fall Service Specials

Good morning everybody. As you know, Fall will quickly be upon us and that means it’s time for your seasonal service check for your furnaces. Call us at your earliest convenience so that we can make sure you will be one of the first ones on the schedule.

If you are not signed up on our yearly service contract, we have a special offer to help keep your system running efficiently and correctly. There are a few different ways that we can do an efficiency check on your system and you can choose which one benefits you best.

If you choose a one time check which is a 20 point service check for your furnace, our running special is $58.38 for the one time 1 system check.

We can also sign you up on a reoccurring, 6 month service check. With this program you will get a 20 point check for your furnace for $58.38 and the program will automatically renew in the spring with a 22 point service check for your air conditioning for $58.38 for the 1 system service check. Also included is that if for some reason your system needs servicing during the year, there is also a 10% discount on parts.

Another ongoing special that we have is a yearly service contract where there is only a one-time charge for the entire year. This comes with a 20 point furnace check in the Fall and a 22 point service check in the spring for $116.75 (automatic renewal and can be canceled at any time) and there is also a 10% discount on parts if something goes wrong with your system during the year.
If any of these services interest you, please call us as soon as you are available so that we can get you on the schedule early to have your efficiency check performed before winter hits.

Thank you from all of us at Ozark Mountain Air and have a great season.

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